Legal help to fit your needs and budget

With unbundling, your legal matter is broken down into parts. You choose which parts a lawyer helps with, and which parts you will do yourself. You get professional assistance where you need it most  at a cost you can afford.

What Is Unbundling?

Hire a lawyer to help you with parts of your legal matter to offer you the support you need at a manageable cost. Learn how unbundling works.

Is Unbundling for You?

Unbundling works well for many people and many types of legal matters — but not for all. Learn whether unbundling is a good fit for you.

How to Find a Lawyer

Not all lawyers offer unbundled services. Learn how to find a lawyer to help with part of your legal matter.

Working with Your Lawyer

Tips to help you succeed with your legal matter when working with a lawyer who provides unbundled services.