Not all lawyers offer unbundled services. Here are the steps to find a lawyer to help with part of your legal matter.

Step 1. Identify lawyers to meet with

Browse our directory of British Columbia family lawyers offering unbundled services to find a lawyer who meets your needs. If there is no lawyer close to where you live, consider using technology (such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams) to get the help you need.

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Step 2. Make an appointment

Call or email one or two lawyers and arrange a time to meet with them. Make sure the lawyers know that you’re looking to hire them for an unbundled legal service.

Marissa from Lilliooet

“I couldn’t find a lawyer in my community who offers unbundled services. Fortunately, I found a lawyer in another part of the province who uses video conferencing. It’s like we’re in the same room, working together to prepare my case.”

Marissa, Lillooet, BC

Step 3. Prepare for your meeting

Gather and organize any documents related to your legal situation. Make a list of key facts and events, organized by date. Bring the documents and the list to your meeting with the lawyer. This step is very important to making your visit with a lawyer useful for you.

Step 4. Meet with the lawyer

Explain your legal situation to the lawyer. Ask the lawyer for their opinion about your situation. Discuss whether unbundling is a good fit and how you might divide up between you the tasks that need to get done.

The lawyer will provide you with their retainer agreement (a type of contract). It outlines how you would work together and how the lawyer’s fee would be calculated and paid.

Step 5. Decide on how to proceed

If both you and the lawyer decide to proceed with an unbundling arrangement, you would sign the retainer agreement. You and the lawyer would finalize the list of tasks and who is responsible for each.

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We offer tips to help you in working with a lawyer who provides unbundled services.
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